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Sync apps

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Sync apps

I have only been using TB for about 1 month now - I just finished installing Portable apps with TB - I am trying to sync my Portable version to my desktop and I do not know how to get same email accounts on both. I can see the accounts on my Portable Apps but cannot use them. It is the same with Lightening calendar appointments scheduled. I need to know if I can sync my address books, email accounts, addons and calendar appointments? Also sync my GnuCash files.

The info on Portable Apps on how to sync does not really work because file folders are not where they say. They say to copy and paste but the location of the files and even the files themselves differ from what they said. At least my portable TB does not have same accounts setup on both systems and my message rules are not on portable. Instructions not accurate for me.

The Portable Apps version of TB did install and even something that I copied per Portable Apps instructions made my Portable version of TB have my Lightening addon along with contacts pane addon but they did not copy my contacts nor my Lightening appointments data.