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Audacity: i cant get hte mixer/recording stuf to record on youtube

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Audacity: i cant get hte mixer/recording stuf to record on youtube

i dont know wat is wrong i downloaded the audacity portable and i cant change the recorder it allways just records a micrapohne pelas any one tell me how i can fix this btw when im gaana change it there is completle nothing in the link :S pleas help me

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Audacity Itself

That would be more an Audacity question than Audacity Portable. You can ask in their forums.

Also, keep in mind that Vista doesn't let you record from output because it's Vista.

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Go to start menu, and click Control Panel. Click on Hardware and Sound. Then click on Sound. There should be 3 Playbacks or whatever, it varies by PC. example:(Speakers:HighDefinitionAudioDevice:Working)(Headphones:HighDefinitionAudioDevice:NotPluggedIn)(DigitalOutputDevice-SPDIF-:Working)
Click on the Recording Tab next to the Playback tab.It should show the recording devices.Right click on any part of the white space under the last recording device and click SHOW DISABLED DEVICES. Then Stereo Mix Should Show Up.Click or right click it, and click ENABLE DISABLED DEVICE and there ya go...OUTPUT RECORDING IN VISTA...(This Will Not Work With Vista Home Basic unless you download RealTek Audio Card 97 from CNET, and even then it's tricky.) Windows Vista Premium works fine...

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