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VLC: problem clicking on files in explorer

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VLC: problem clicking on files in explorer

I've been using VLC Portable as my default media player on my main computer (manually edited the windows file associatons to point to VLC Portable) and since updating to 0.9.4 I'm having a slight problem.

I've checked allow only one instance but if I'm already playing a file it won't allow me to click on a file in explorer (dragging and dropping onto the VLC window works fine) and have it start playing. I get this error:
Another instance of VLC is already running. Please close other instances of VLC before launching VLC Media Player Portable.

It not a big deal and since it's not really the way VLC Portable is intended to be used and VLC recently made a lot of changes I know there might not be a workaround but I have been using it this way for several versions and it was working fine this morning with the previous version.

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This problem exists in

This problem exists in Mplayer as well, If the launchers for media files would send items to the playlist (instead of not allowing a 2nd instance) this would be quite a helpful feature.

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