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installed, now how do I run it?

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installed, now how do I run it?

Ok, I've installed to my portable device. Now, how do I run it?

I am asking, because its NOT listed in the portableapps menu anyplace, so I go into Windows Explorer under G:\Portableapps\Openoficeportable\ which does exist, so I go in there, and there are a bunch of files listed. which one do I click on?

and WHY isn't it listed in the portableapps menu? and why won't it run when I click on a .doc file in Windows? thats what I don't understand....

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since you ´ve been around here for a while

I dare suppose you didn´t install OOo 3.0 to your drive but the portable version hosted here. Just go to PAM options, refresh the menu icons and you´re done..
second clicking on a .doc will open the system office app (-> i.e. Windows office), so you´ll have to associate .doc files with open office portable (via tools/preferences/ -> as far as I know that produces registry entries and isn´t advisable for portable use). So just open OOo portable and open the file from the menu or use a portable file associator -> some of them are posted on the test release / development page here or, else,use a sent to manager like conveyportable which isn´t developped further for more than a year or install the nonportable version on your HDD and use it locally as your system´s default.

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1st> shade the file that you

1st> shade the file that you want to open
2nd> (r-clik) the file
3> choose to open the file with OpenOffice, ( you may have to browse to make your choice)


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