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Why is pigdin in the suite instead Miranda IM?

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Why is pigdin in the suite instead Miranda IM?

I only have tested miranda , in fact, i use miranda as my default im client.
but... pidgin is better? whats the reason then?

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Pidgin is more user-friendly.

Pidgin is more user-friendly. I currently run Miranda for my IM client, and like it due to its configurability. But, its a pain for the initial setup.

Pidgin is more use-friendly, easier to setup, and more "manageable". Pidgin pretty much runs from the get go.

If you really have the time to set Miranda up (or, like me, use it as your primary client and thus can take the time) its worth it.

Especially with TabSRMM Biggrin

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Completeness, Ease of Use, Multilingual

Mainly for three reasons. First off, it's complete. It includes everything you need for a basic setup without needing to add add-ons. Second, it's easy to use. It has a simple, familiar, integrated interface. And third, it's multilingual with dozens of languages included that are automatically loaded depending on the host language.

While Miranda IM is smaller and more configurable, it's FAR less popular than Pidgin for those 3 main reasons... the same reasons we include it in the Suite.

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More broadly accepted encryption support

More broadly accepted encryption support. Heavy crypto users are far more likely to want pidgin. There are two different, very good encryption options available for pidgin. The older of the two is very easy to use (self configuring) & very secure.

Also, since most crypto user are on Linux or BSD, rather than a proprietary system like Win on Mac; they prefer a system, like pidgin, that started on unix-like systems. Like me, they only use win systems (Portable Apps) when traveling & prefer familiar programs (OpenOffice, Abiword, Pidgin, ClamAV etc.).


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