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Individual Launchers

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Individual Launchers

This is great! Your old site has been updated! Hope this one gets more atention.

I have one request though: Could you release the launcher alone (for us to download the launcher and use it with our language version)?

I am portuguese and therefore would like some apps (such as Open Office in my language). If I recall correctly we needed to use PEcompact to make the app smaller.

Could you please make a tutorial to help us, non-english native speakers to get the apps running in our language from a mobile media drive.

By the way, great project

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Launcher is out, HowTo soon...

The launchers are all available stand-alone and always have been. You'll find them on the SourceForge page. It's linked to at the bottom of each app page here with an icon. Click it to get to the SourceForge page and then click Download. You'll see an option for Portable AppName Launcher. Grab that.

A full HowTo is coming when the Development section launches.

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