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PAM Theme Template

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PAM Theme Template

I noticed that all the templates are for the old version of PAM. This is a template for PAM 1.1 with the eject button.

Here it is. It is made out of a theme I already made based on Ubuntu.

Here some themes I made. The Wii one needs work.

San Jose Sharks:



Tell me what you think!

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what i think

Ubuntu theme is really nice, good work.
san Jose Shark... i dont know the team colors so i cant be objective with that sorry.
Wii.. yeah, it deffinitely need some work, maybe u should try to look the Wii channels menu so u can get an idea to improve it.

that's all i have to mention, great job and continue it Wink

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Could you post a GIMP version of the template?

In the spirit of this site, it would be great if you could add a GIMP version of your template.
Not everyone can afford Photoshop, and GIMP is one of the key apps on this site - it's a great message to show that you can customize PAM using only Portable Apps!

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

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Gimp can open psd files you know >_>

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i have...

a framework template that i have used for months. you can get it Here.


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Mine has layers, which is useful for transparency effects

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