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Fast Usb Filemanager

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Fast Usb Filemanager

Most flash drives won't handle many files at once, installing. When you install any file 5mb can take 8 mins if it has a lot of files. If one by one is installing the install process would go much faster like in seconds. I hope somebody could come up with a program that would be like a file manager for usb devices, but would install files one by one.

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Won't matter

It's the slowness of USB and the stop/start of the controller on each file. They're actually written one at a time by Windows AFAIK.

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When I seporated the files, exe file would be 1 transfer and then uploaded the rest from each folder 1 at a time it made the process go much faster. Why is that ?

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Windows Caching

Hi all,

Windows (XP, anyway) disables write caching by default for USB drives. This means that file transfers aren't optimised. The only way that I know of to enable this is to a) use NTFS on your drive or b) I believe that you can enable it (in the device manager properties), but you MUST "safely remove hardware". However, this is computer specific.


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Additionally, NTFS drives

Additionally, NTFS drives tend to write all the time, as the system updates the file table and updates the "last access times".
This is ntfs specific.
For USB-Drives this can be extremely stressing.
So it is not really a good idea to put ntfs on a flash-drive.


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