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Secondary Browser

So sometimes, you know, what will be your backup/secondary browser?Opera,Google Chrome,Safari,K-meleon,Flock,IE etc.

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I go nuts if I don't get my

I go nuts if I don't get my Firecrack. I go a little cuckoo even if I have to use a stock Firefox.


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Maxthon. IMO Firefox is too

IMO Firefox is too slow to be worth running from most pendrives, so I use this quite often.

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None. I have no backup browser. I just use Firefox. Why, here is why:

On Windows:

  • IE sucks. Any version, it has no decent rendering engine, his addons sucks, too dangerous.
  • Safari/Google Chrome are not native. I would like to use them, they both have one of my favorites layout engines, WebKit. But both try to put beauty over nativity, and that is a bad thing in my opinion.
  • Opera is not native nor OSS. Opera uses its own style, has its own ways of doing stuff and has its own EULA. I don't like it. It is the best of the alternatives till now though.
  • Maxton/any other browser with the rendering engine from IE will suck as much as IE, no matter how many features it has.
  • Firefox based browsers, like Kmeleon and Seamonkey are too few and just not ready to come out or not the thing I want to use.

So on Windows if I don't have Firefox I would probably use Opera (or IE to get Portable Firefox Biggrin ).

On Linux

  • Opera on Linux sucks, on webpages the fonts aren't antialiased, it is not native, it has no voice support nothing.
  • IEs4Linux is made just for testing webpages by developers (or should be).
  • Midori is too unstable (the browser for Linux made with WebKit).
  • Konqueror (I can't even spell it) is too overbloated, period.
  • Epiphany is the best of these alternatives and it would be my choice of election.

So on Linux if I had no Firefox (what is unlikely) I would go with Epiphany.

On Mac:

  • I never had a Mac

So I would go with Safari or Camino if I had no Firefox for Mac.

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