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Truecrypt [and the page file]

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Truecrypt [and the page file]

After I install Truecrypt and restart my computer, i kept wondering why my computer is very slow. The problem is that truecrypt changes the PF on the computer. Is this normal? How can i install it without it altering the Page File?

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Re: TC

This is a question for the TC forums, really.
But anyway, what do you mean by "changes"? Did the page file get encrypted? If it did, then all you have to do is unlock it every time you start. As an alternative, you can specify your own page file/s in Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance - Settings/Advanced/Virtual Memory - Change. Just define one or more custom page files depending on your number of hard drives.
Or are you saying that the encryption created so much overhead that paging now takes forever?
If you want/need to use TC, however, it's best to have an encrypted page file, otherwise your encrypted stuff may end up unencrypted in there.
You can also encrypt the entire drive, then you won't get into the box without a password and your page will will be automatically unlocked too.

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There's an option when

There's an option when installing TC to disable the page file. The default is to disable it. Clearly you didn't read very carefully during installation...

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you should do some serious reading silentcon :)

Silentcon, as Wraithdu pointed out, this is your mistake. You are using TrueCrypt but you obviously do not understand most of the stuff related to it.

TC is not just another program. First thing to do after install should be to read the user guide (more then 100 pages). Otherwise, you won't understand and your use of TC is pretty much pointless. You don't need to be a computer expert to understand it. You can learn it. But you have to read. There is no other way.

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The TrueCrypt user-guide should be read BEFORE installing TC ..

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