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Text Box instead of Graphics in Emails

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Text Box instead of Graphics in Emails

I'm using the U3 version of Thunderbird on XP SP3. Instead of graphics embedded in emails, I get a text box. Is there an option so that I can get the email as the sender intended? I have a high speed internet connection so bandwidth is not a consideration.

I suppose when I use the U3 Flash Drive on a computer with dial-up, I would want to be able to return to the text box option.

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dont know

I cant find anything enabling that behaviour in my thunderbird, maybe it was removed when the latest version came out.

And you're most likely out of luck as dropped support for U3 a while ago and all the existing copies are either outdated, leave stuff behind or both.

You could use the normal Thunderbird Portable and Smithtech's Shortcut Creator for U3 to create a shortcut for it in your U3 Launchpad. This way you'll have the latest version of Thunderbird with all its advantages.

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