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Few issues

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Few issues

Your prog is amazing, however, I've encountered a few issues,
1) Folder or filename that include "@" is not support
2) I used *ride*.mp3 for in Files to exclude rule for filenames like - "01 ride with me part1.mp3", it will generate "Regex error" box with infinite loop, I had to terminate the program through taskmgr.
3) If I used ride*.mp3 for "01 ride with me part2.mp3", it doesn't exclude the file.

I have to put only "ride" in Files to exclude rule in order to exclude the files.

Thank you for your hard work!

Steve Lamerton
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thanks for the reports, I shall try and get point one fixed in version 2.0.3 as I am in the middle of sending 2.0.2 for release at the moment.

With the regexs basically you dont need the * anywhere due to the way I am using the regex library, if you just put it 'ride' (without the quotes) it should grab all of the files you want.

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