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Cheat Engine 5.4

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Cheat Engine 5.4

I'd appreciate if someone made cheat engine 5.4 portable because my USB is running low on memory, and Cheat Engine is a little big for the other stuff I need on there.

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Not so important

It's opensource.
If someone is interested then maybe someone can do it for you.
If you can't wait, go learn NSIS.

It's really not that important and useful at the moment.

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Ohhhhhh! this would be a

Ohhhhhh! this would be a nice addition to Portable apps and great with the VBA-M ans ZSNES and FakeNES in the beta section. It allows for the creations of GameGenie/Gameshar/ProActionRplay codes for said systems and creations of codes for other programs. for example i used cheat engine to acess the hidden easter eggs in Office 97 and 2000.

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You might try using the app

You might try using the app compactor to bring the size down.

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