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cant tell which address I sent from on email header in sent folder

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cant tell which address I sent from on email header in sent folder

I have a bunch of emails from various accounts that are in my sent box on local folders. I am trying to reorganize and put them into sent boxes for the individual accounts. My problem is that the email box just says my name and not what account I sent them from. Is there anyway I can fix this?

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Expand Headers

In the Headers bar, right before "Subject:" line, do you see a square box with a plus [+] in it?

Click on the box to expand headers, and you'll see an account/email address next to the displayed name.

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but what if ...

the person put the same name in each account, which is possible? Then it would show the same name for it.

What you really want it to click on the spot where you can add more coloumns, and add the account column. Sort on that field.
But actually, now checking it out, it doesn't list anything in the account field. Weird ... what goes there if it is there?

Hmm, hopefully you do have different names for the accounts! Smile If so, then sort by Sender.

Oh, that reminds me, you can set your account settings to have emails from that account go to a specific folder. Set that and you'll be set for the future.

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