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How can I backup my mails???

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How can I backup my mails???

I need to backup my mail messages, my adress book...
How can i do it?? Please, someone help me with this problem

J Neutron
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Download Toucan from this site.

Set it up to backup your Thunderbird profile folder. It contains all your settings and mail.


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Toucan is fine

but it is meant for advanced users. The easiest way is to either use the Backup tool if you use the menu or just copy it to a safe place.

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physical copy or just bits and pieces?

I do a physical copy of the whole folder once a week. Thought I do it more often if I just made a huge addition to the addressbook.

There is a Toucan program folks use to back up files on a schedule.

I use the backup tool on the PAM to do my weekly backups to another remote server backup.

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