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Backup of my Portable Apps USB key

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Backup of my Portable Apps USB key


I got Portable Apps 1.1 installed on a 4GB USB key with lots of data. I make a weekly backup of the whole key.
Since my last backup, I cannot more open/use any programm on the key!
Ichecked the backup. There also the programs are lost.

In the backup as well as on the key, the folder ..\ThunderbirdPortable\..\profile\Mail\ is still there but the files are empty. Also the total amount of space used on my key is drastically reduced.
The other data folder are well backuped and usable.

I checked for the backups of the last weeks, and unfortunately have to notice that the problem appeared for the last 3 backups!

The pitty, all my Thunderbird mails and data for the last 3 weeks are lost!

Any advice before I reformat the key and re-install all the stuff?
I would be very glad if I could win back my mails and contacts.

Thanks for a reply