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Media Player classic and ffdshow

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Media Player classic and ffdshow

Hello all,

I have a question to ask, and I hope this is the right forum Smile

I have Media Player Classic on my USB drive. One of these days I learnt that MPC can play FLV files if used together with the ffdshow codec filters. So, I try copy the ffdshow files, install them into MPC. But somehow it cannot work as I found that even though I have set up MPC to use filter, ffdshow somehow have to read some entries from the registry simply to recognise the FLV media type.

On a local computer installation (not in USB), everytime I install ffdshow and MPC (specifically using the K-lite Mega Code Pack installer), I have to go to the VFW configuration window, set the FLV1 format to use 'libavcodec', then MPC will be automatically be able to play FLV.

I couldn't do so on USB. Can anyone help? Portable ffdshow, perhaps? Biggrin