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U3 launchpad does not open. Instead blank folder opens PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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Jack Diesel
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U3 launchpad does not open. Instead blank folder opens PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

My U3 Drive used to work fine, but now it doesn't at all. When I used to plug it in it would pop up a message saying it needed to disconnect from my computer before it could run properly. When I hit ok it woulb open the launchpad. Now instead it opens a blank folder from within the U3 drive. PLEASE HELP, I need to be able to use this drive. It works fine on other computers. This comp is connected to a network and I do not have administrative rights.

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When you insert a U3 device,

When you insert a U3 device, it is supposed to create two additional drives (visible in My Computer). One is a read-only drive that behaves like a CD-Rom drive. The other is where your data is kept.

My first guess is that the computer is (properly) configured to not automatically run the LaunchU3.exe program when you insert the device. The reason why this option is preferred by some people is that the convenience of having it run automatically is outweighed by the risk that someone might unintentionally run a bad program automatically when another device is inserted. If this is what is happening, all you have to do is identify the drive that behaves like a CD-Rom drive and run the LaunchU3.exe program found there.

My next guess is that the Network administrators have defined a network drive that ends up using the same drive letter as the afore-mentioned CD-Rom drive, only since their drive got there first, the U3 drive doesn't show up. One way to test that is to "Disconnect" the network drives (right-click and choose Disconnect) from My Computer, then plug in the device. (The regular network drive mappings should come back if you log out and log back in again.) If this guess happens to be correct, you might be able to right click on My Computer, choose Manage, and find Disk Manager to change the drive letter. Even if the drive shows up then the next time you plug the device in, you may still have to manually run the LaunchU3.exe program there.

If those things don't let you access the drive, let us know what you saw when you tried them.


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U3 Launchpad disabled


I had the same problem on my work laptop. It seems that the IT dept has disabled the U3 Launchpad. It's no longer possible to start it just an empty folder appears.

This is a real bummer. God I hate IT departments.


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Well, perfect chance to try

Well, perfect chance to try out the PortableApps Platform Smile If you don't like it, uninstallation is literally as simple as deleting a folder and the Autorun.inf file at the root of the drive.

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