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Questions of a NewBie

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Questions of a NewBie

Could someone please help my understanding...

- Normally the U3-compatible files I download come with the extension *.u3p
- What are files with the *.u3i extension?

- and how do I manage to get programs going that should be U3-ready but do come in ZIPped format?

I've tried to copy ABIword to my U3-stick as indicated in the helpfiles but it will not show up in launchpad...!?

any advice? Thanks in advance.

John T. Haller
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U3 Launchpad only shows U3-specific apps, not stand-alone portable apps. You can use and run standard apps from a U3 device, but they won't show up in the launchpad.

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wolffsed (not verified)
Wolfgang Armbruster: thanks

Wolfgang Armbruster:

thanks for letting me know

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It is not a U3 program but, I open PStart from my flash drive directly after the launchpad has opened.

It leaves two menus in the taskbar, but there are worse things in life.

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