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Xerobank vs Torpark

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Xerobank vs Torpark

Sorry if I put this in the wrong spot, but I did a search on both torpark and Xerobank both here and in google and had trouble sorting through the data. It appears these apps maybe one in the same.

I noticed that John was one of the developers so I thought I would ask, is Torpark and Xerobank one in the same app? or are they forks? Are they both still being maintained?

What is the major difference between them if they are? and are there still issues with network speeds?

I read that it uses SSH (or VPN) to connect to the thor servers, if this is the case, the data is totally encrypted before it reaches any proxy or firewall between them correct?

What port does it connect on and is this changeable?

I was thinking about tunneling through SSH from my laptop to a linux server at home for internet browsing at the coffee house or work if needed. It sounds like this may take care of that issue.

Again hopefully I have not posted this in the correct area or manner. Any information on this is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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are the same app. torpark is just the older version of it.


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Both Torpark and Xerobank should be avoided.

Torpark was Portable Firefox bundled with Tor. It is no longer maintained. You may find copies of it floating around on the web, but whatever you do, don't use Torpark! Tor has had very many security upgrades since Torpark was abandoned. Torpark is not truly open source, and it was actually a front end for a paid, private anonymity service. It could connect to Tor, but that functionality was curtailed by a proprietary configuration scheme. That, along with a decision to remove user support pages and forums, makes it little more than a way to market the expensive "anonymity solution" that they sell.

Xerobank is Torpark with a new name to match the commercial anonymity service they provide. They now claim that Xerobank is completely open source and is more secure than Tor. It can still connect to the Tor network for free.

I have not had the desire to investigate those claims, because now there are much better solutions than Torpark. The Tor Project gives instructions on how to make your own portable version of Tor with all of the latest security upgrades. The Tor developers have even come out with a Tor Browser Bundle which bundles Tor, Vidalia (the GUI Tor control panel), Polipo (a must for scrubbing headers that leak information about your configuration), Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition, TorButton (a must for hardening Firefox and disabling insecure plug-ins), and optionally Pidgin Portable with the OTR (Off The Record) privacy plugin.

Here is where you can download and read more about it. It also links to instructions on compiling your own.

The people who sell the Xerobank service are unwilling to disclose exactly what makes their service more secure than Tor. Plus, the monthly fee is very expensive. Avoid it!

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Torpark is a Spyware

Be careful, Torpark is a Spyware.

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