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VLC 0.9.6 crashes with FLV files

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VLC 0.9.6 crashes with FLV files

This is to continue the thread in

This is a known bug as stated here

Unfortunately, the answer to the problem is to use 0.9.7, which is not officially released yet from the VLC site.

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Temporary 'fix' for VLC 0.9.6

If you do not wish to reinstall another version of VLC, and are content with the 0.9.6 release
(with the exception of the flv plugin crashing)...
...a simple solution that works, and retains your single window viewer for use with the flv files, is to:

1. Download the vlc-0.9.7-git-win32.exe release and extract the files to a subfolder. (You can extract the files from the installer using 7-Zip)

2. Within the folder named '$_OUTDIR' are subfolders. The 'plugins' folder contains the .dll files that you will need. Copy the libavcodec_plugin.dll and libavformat_plugin.dll to your VLC Portable 0.9.6 'plugins' directory. Allow them to replace the existing libavcodec_plugin.dll and libavformat_plugin.dll.

3. Restart your Portable VLC 0.9.6 without flv files crashing VLC (and you get to keep your single viewing window)

You can get the VLC 0.9.7 Nightly build at:

A final thought... You may wish to use an EXE-DLL compressor/packer (UPX) on the dll files before copying them to their destination, as they are rather large dlls before packing.
Hope this helps some folks out with the current issues with the flv files.

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Thanks muchly :)

Thanks muchly Smile

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Glad I could help...

Thanks for the acknowledgment...
Nice to know it was appreciated.

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Fix Coming

This was due to a build error on VLC's part. They've released an updated Windows build and I'll be packaging it shortly.

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