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School Bypass

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School Bypass

We need to make programs like GAIM that also get past school proxies and protocols

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you dont really need to

you dont really need to create a program that can do that. all you need to do is find out the networks main IP address then set the proxy as that and on port 80 (the port internet explorer uses). one of my friends did it. will have to ask him how and get a tutorial on it for people to use. it works a treat and always connects.

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I do that. You set the same values as in IE and any sites that are blocked, add them to the exceptions list.
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at my school ...

we're pretty locked down, but when you open ie and type a url, a box pops up and asks for your login name and pw ... the proxy ip address is right there. it might be trickier to find the port number, find a program that will tell you or ask around... some geek is bound to know. try 80, i think i use 8002 for ff. you still have to go through the proxy so youre still tracked but atleast i can use MY programs.

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I use Your-Freedom to bypass

I use Your-Freedom to bypass proxies etc. It is a very good proxy tunneling software, though I am not sure if/how it can be made portable as it required Java and does not saves its configuration file in it's own folder.

I posted in their forum to ask about it couple of days ago, haven't got any reply yet though. You can check it out at

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Direct link to post is


Maybe Placing it in Feature Requests would have gotten it noticed better. Not trying to pick on you, just an idea.

I don't like the fact that you have to register to download it. Maybe that is just me...
I agree, it would be nice if you didn't have to install it. Totally useless if you don't have admin rights, isn't it?


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