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VLC: ..Skipping/Lag?

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VLC: ..Skipping/Lag?

Sometimes when I'm using Portable VLC, and surfing the web at the same time, the music playing skips/lags as if it were playing a scratched cd instead of normal music files I have on my pc...

not sure whats up with it there. I switched to WMP for a bit to see if it occured in that also and it didn't...

Maybe something to do with my usb stick?

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Where are you playing from? USB stick? If so, when surfing, Portable Firefox writes to the key and it'll slow down reads from the key. Using a faster key with a better controller will solve that.

It could be that WMP is buffering more (loading more into RAM) than VLC is and you don't see the problem there.

Try CoolPlayer for listening to audio in the background and let me know if that works a bit better. (It's portable)

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