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App Compactor Supported Apps?

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App Compactor Supported Apps?

Well, I love the idea of app compactor and the first time I downloaded and used it on a program, it worked GREAT! I continued using it on programs only to find that some of the programs I used it on got corrupted... I was wondering if there was a specific list of ALL the supported apps. And when I do the compacting, I always do the PortableAppName\app folder. But it still corrupts some. If there is no list, I was wondering if I can post my downloaded apps and have someone try it on them... I am sick of re-downloading and installing... though I could keep the installers. Even so, I don't have the time to do it and I am starting to get extremely frustrated.

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one thing is you should never

One thing is you should never compress the launchers, it corrupts them. So you need to make sure the path (to avoid compressing the launchers) is set to App/Appname in order to compress correctly.

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and just out of curosity what settings are you using on the program?


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Already Used On Our Apps

As has been discussed, the AppCompactor has already been used on all of's apps except the Mozilla apps (which we don't do due to our licensing agreement that allows us to legally distribute a portable version of Mozilla Firefox). Some specific files can't be compacted with UPX, etc and we purposely don't compress those.

So, the moral is, don't recompress any of our apps. You won't gain any size reduction and you'll only end up compressing files that break when compressed. The only exception is Firefox/Sunbird/Thunderbird where you can compress the App directory and they should work (but it's not supported).

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