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Sync and encrypt

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Sync and encrypt

Is there a way to Sync and encrypt...kinda like doing the Backup method with the password field checked? Maybe do a Sync and some sort of script to zip and assign a password. Hopefully, I won't have to sync and then run another lengthy process to run the Secure job. Love the program though...thanks!

Steve Lamerton
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am afraid not, Secure has to be run on a file 'in place' so that there arent any traces left behind, you then have to copy the file afterwards.

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I'm a little confused by your comment.

For some of my backups I only want an exact copy of my files on another device. So instead of making a zip file I just run a sync. I am not worried about space, and the sync job goes faster. But I don't like having my files sitting on my book drive with no protection on them. The problem is that if I encrypt them then when I run another sync it views them as different files from the origin (since the files on my computer are not encrypted) and copies EVERYTHING over again (this defeats the purpose of an update sync). So instead I have to unencrypted all my files, run the sync, and encrypt them all again. When one of my syncs takes over an hour to complete I can only imagine how long the encryption would take too.

Here is my idea. Couldn't you put in a password and then Toucan can make a copy of a file on the source, encrypt it, compare it to the destination file, and then move it to the destination or delete the temporary version because the destination file is up to date (and repeat for every file)?

For me it wouldn't be an issue that there is a copy left behind in memory. I am not concerned about encrypting the data that is on my computer with Toucan, only what is on my book drive because it has no password. If I was worried about encrypting the data on my computer then it would already be encrypted and doing a sync wouldn't be a problem. Do you see what I am saying, or am I totally misunderstanding something and my idea is completely impossible?

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