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Update to

I know FireFoxPortable has issues with updating, but can you update TBP to using the autoupdate?

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Its developped by the same People using the same framework and thus the Thunderbird's auto update cannot be used either.

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TBird auto update insists on

TBird auto update insists on running. It will install either now or the next time you launch the application. That's one feature I would like to see changed so I pick when to update.

Any idea when the portable apps update will be ready?

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I get the popup telling me

I get the popup telling me the update is out, but I just click "Later" and it won't bother me again (until the next time I start TBP).

I haven't had it auto update on it's own, since I have that disabled.

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AFAIR, I got no option to say "Later",

instead it just informed me the update would take place on next restart.

This AFAIR hasn't happened with any of the previous TBP versions.

Of course I forgot about it overnight, and started it before getting the new portable Got it now and installed it on top as usual.

Hope no portability got broken in the process...

It appears to work OK, except it doesn't want to give up looking for updates to the MyPhoneExplorer extension.


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