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More Useful Code: Language Reading/Setting

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Submitted by OliverK on November 21, 2008 - 2:32pm

Here's the code I used for PNotes/ATPad.

They set the language through a file name, not using the environmental variables or using international language codes.

                ReadEnvStr $APPLANGUAGE "PortableApps.comLanguageCode"

                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE de Deutsch
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE en_us English
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE es_la Spanish
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE it Italian
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE jp Japanese
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE pl Polski
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE pt Portugese
                  StrCmp $APPLANGUAGE ru Russian English

                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE deutsch
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE english
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE spanish
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE italian
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE japanese
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE polski
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE portugese
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage
                          StrCpy $APPLANGUAGE russian
                          Goto GetCurrentLanguage

                ReadINIStr $0 "$EXEDIR\Data\settings\Settings.ini" "lang" "Language"
                StrCmp "$APPLANGUAGE.lng" $0 LaunchNow ;if the same, move on
                IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\PNotes\lang\$APPLANGUAGE.lng" SetAppLanguage LaunchNow
                WriteINIStr "$EXEDIR\Data\settings\Settings.ini" "lang" "Language""$APPLANGUAGE.lng"

Anywho, thought you might like another coding tidbit.


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you spelt language wrong on these lines:

ReadINIStr $0 "$EXEDIR\Data\settings\Settings.ini" "lang" "Lanuage"
WriteINIStr "$EXEDIR\Data\settings\Settings.ini" "lang" "Lanuage""$APPLANGUAGE.lng"

was there some meaning to this, or was it a typo by lamer when writing the INI reading part of PNotes? Biggrin
but anyway, enough of the criticism. thanks for this, its going into HM NIS Edit Portable as i write.

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Criticism good, someone might not have caught it, like me :(.

Actually, I kinda generalized it from the instances in PNotes/ATPad. Anywho, thanks and I 'll fix it.

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