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Portable Mirror/Synchronize/Update

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Portable Mirror/Synchronize/Update

It would be great if there was a PortableApp (similar to M$ Windows Automatic Update) that could be added to each drive to manage updates.

The refinement of portable applications is moving almost too quickly for techies to stay current. And once some of my friends & co-workers saw the advantage of using a thumb drive with a versatile suite of tools, they all wanted me to run off a drive copy for them. Now it is getting to be a hassle keeping them up on the most current (or most stable) software releases.

I'd really like to maintain several different suites of software. --- Office drones, web dev geeks, and Always-Connected addicts all have different needs. Some also need more idiot-proofing while others can handle being on the bleeding edge.

I generally put a splash screen up upon USB insertion that has a "Please return this device if found to:" section and a general introduction to the tools installed on the drive. So I'd like to be able to have different drive maps on my Local Server or Web server that specify which revisions are the recommended installations and peferred locations where any updated files can be copied from.

It seems that with the portable XAMPP Apache server as a foundation, it might be reasonable build a more platform independent tool. Although maybe something like PortableWebAp or Uniform Server might offer a more compact foundation.

It might be useful to even have a portable mirror of your favorite section or library.

Does any of this sound reasonable?
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I dont understand.
Do you want a app that tells you if there are new updates?
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I think he means an

I think he means an auto-update for portable apps.

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