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Hey. I need some help. When I plug in my MP3 Player into the computer. PortableApps doesn't automatically start. It ends up prompting me to do an action, like any other USB device. What can I do so it can just start up the menu? Because in properties it doesn't list the PortableApps option, like when I plug it in.

Bruce Pascoe
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Which OS?

In XP? You can't without installing a helper app designed for this purpose, or a U3 drive. This is by design, to prevent virus-infected USB drives from automatically launching the virus.

In Vista, however, there's an option in the AutoPlay window to always do the chosen action for a given device.

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Who says?

You can autorun without a helper on XP and previous versions! Just not in Vista Sad

I don't recommend it thought, because he's right, you could easily get viruses.


see this post...

If, you don't have a u3 enabled drive...

Oh! and burn this to the fake cd partition!

I now autorun the pam menu and clamscan with that app.
So to prevent viruses I backup the PortableAppsMenu folder in PortableApps
I look at clamscan results whenever I plug my drive in a new computer and if I get virus results I just delete the PortableAppsMenu and replace it with a virus free one.

Only downside to this is that whenevery you change settings to your menu you have to back it up on you drive Sad

Bruce Pascoe
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Vista has the option to

Vista has the option to always do the selected action, and this works for starting PAM, too. XP doesn't have that option...

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