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Sunbird: Virus Warning

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Sunbird: Virus Warning

I've Scanned Portable Apps Suite Light with an online antivirus, and found this:



I heard about Trojan/Virus Issue, but I'm a Little afraid, Aniway. Is it normal?


John T. Haller
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There is no virus

AntiVir and Avast are notorious for finding false positives in NSIS programs (PortableSunbird.exe), UPX compressed EXEs and DLLs (all the binaries in Portable Sunbird) and 7zipped JARs (every JAR file in Portable Sunbird). No surprising that another free one would have the same issue. I really wonder if the free A/Vs have the same QA that the paid ones do.

You should let Panda know of their mistake. I think AntiVir has done this 4 times now and Avast 2.

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Because it's compressed, the

Because it's compressed, the AV app gets suspicious -- the code is rewritten in a more compact way that the AV app can't really scan.

Go figure... I'd ignore it.


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