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Portable Harvard/APA/MLA Referencer,formatter?

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Portable Harvard/APA/MLA Referencer,formatter?

something you tell if it is a book, website, email, etc, author, copyright and it formats it for you. something like noodletools but in a exe form? is there such thing?

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Here's a couple...

I tried some freeware called

"BiblioExpress" (MLA/APA/ACS) and
"MLA Auto-Generator" (MLA)

BiblioExpress may have some use, but it's a little cludgy, and it doesn't handle internet sources correctly.

MLA Auto-Generator is MLA only, but is small at around 0.6 MB and handles many MLA format types...specify type of source, fill out a form and it will generate the proper format.

Also some nice "crib sheets" out there, though that's not what you are looking for.

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