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Heading Upstream

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Submitted by Steve Lamerton on December 6, 2008 - 2:27pm

Well I have just posted a patch to the wxWidgets Trac system, as far as I know the first time that has submitted a patch to an upstream project, and long may it continue! If you are interested the patch is here and it implements the setting of directory timestamps on Windows. Nothing fancy, but hopefully a solid start for helping other projects.


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used the diff feature in SVN, I am not sure about WinMerge to be honest, I would have thought that you could.

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I believe you can, but I'm not sure. I, like Steve, use TortoiseSVN's built in comparison and difference engine.

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Dunno if it counts, but to make BPBible Portable behave properly, I went and learned some Python and committed some code myself to it, to make it support command-line arguments for --data-path etc. After I'd done that, I didn't need to move-move Data-EXEDIR... as a matter of fact, I didn't start work on my launcher until I'd fixed BPBible.

Well done though Smile

I'm hoping to get some code committed to the Code::Blocks project so that it doesn't have to use the wxWidgets settings path thing... come to think of it, maybe I should patch wxWidgets to support some special environment variable, e.g. WXSETTINGSPATH, and override its default of the complex APPDATA technique... that'd simplify many wxWidgets projects (though not all use that).

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Looks like they added this to the 2.8.11 release that came out today.