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Folder Icon Simplifier

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Folder Icon Simplifier

Would it be difficult to create a GUI that would allow one to assign icons to folders on Flash Drives using relative paths? Something similar to the windows interface possibly? Whenever I try to do it myself, but never was successful outside of assigning default windows icons from shell32.

José Pedro Arvela
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Donno about GUI, but...

I don't know about any GUI that does this automatically, but you can choose the icon trough the default GUI, and then edit the icon path on a file inside the folder called desktop.ini. It is a hidden file, so you must disable the "Hide hidden files" option on explorer.

On that file you'll find an entry like this:


if the icon is on the same drive you can replace D:\\ (being D your drive's letter) with some nice stuff.

  • . for the current folder;
  • .. for the folder above;
  • and \ for the root of the drive.

So, for example, on PortableApps, the Music folder has this entry:


What does this mean?
..\ goes to the folder above: "Documents";
..\ goes to the folder above "Documents", that is the root of the suite install.

Or, for example, the PortableApps folder:


.\ goes to the folder where that .ini file is currently, in this case, the "PortableApps" folder.

So, whit this in mind, you can easily make folders use custom icons made by you, just remember these tips.

About projects, I remember a project that allowed to change the flags on a folder, maybe the owner of the project can easily implement this, maybe not, but i don't remember its name... I do think it was made in AutoHotkey, and is on these forums.

Hope to have helped!

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Attempt Result...

It ignores my desktop.ini...

Bruce Pascoe
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desktop.ini doesn't work unless the folder containing it has either the Read-Only or System attribute set (must be done from the command line). I prefer to use System since Read-Only causes problems when accessing the folder from Linux (which respects the flag for directories instead of treating it specially like Windows does).

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You may want to try FolderIco, it's able to handle these desktop.ini files (I can't recall, may even works with relative paths). Instructions for a portable installation can be found here.

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FolderIco works great. Found

FolderIco works great.
Found the portable version here

..though the hidden .ico looks kind of weird

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