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VLC: launching ONLY the portable video player application

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VLC: launching ONLY the portable video player application


Who is the guru at keeping applications from the host computer from launching?

Firefox Portable is great, but it looses its effectiveness when it uses applications on the host computer to play a video found on the web.

I have tried to get VLC or M-player to be the ONLY video player to launch for applications found on the web with FireFox portable, but I have not been able to achieve this.

I have worked sucessfully to get H264 files to launch, but all other files are trying to launch the default player on the host computer's hard drive.

Has anyone achieved making Mplayer or VLC to be the default media player for files launched from Portable Firefox?

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Helper Apps

If I'm correctly understanding your problem, you may want to try this link - it's about properly assigning your "helper apps."

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