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Suite Maker

I have a problem about suites. I only have 2 choices and it's not enough. I need Firefox, Thunderbird, NVU, Sunbird, FileZilla, Gaim and PStart but there isn't any suite contains that files.

So I said "a suit maker would be great!"
I am using PHP for 1 year. There is a gz library which allows to zip and unzip .gz files. By using that library we can create a suite maker page.

You place portable apps in a folder. Suite Maker (The PHP page) scans that folder for apps and lists them for you. You select files (like Firefox, Gaim, etc.) and script re-zip files and sends them to you.

For example:
You want a suite which contains PStart,Firefox and Mac-on-stick. You go to Suite Maker page, select these apps and click "Download". Script un-zips "firefox.gz", "pstart.gz" and "mac_on_stick.gz" files in "[SESSION-ID]/suite/". Then script re-zips "[SESSION-ID]/suite/" folder as "[SESSION-ID].suite.gz" end sends you the "[SESSION-ID].suite.gz" file.

Great huh?

-Suite Maker project is Shaman's project. He does NOT allow you to write your own name on it and release it. 11/12/05 :)-

John T. Haller
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Won't happen here

All the binaries for my apps are hosted at SourceForge as they are open source. PStart is closed source and can not be hosted at SourceForge. Plus, I want to keep the whole suite open source.

Your best option is to download the light version. Delete the PortableAbiWord directory under Apps and Data. And then add in PStart.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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I haven't ment that way.

Forget PStart. The point is you can choose all programs and versions you want to download. I think that is really important for us because you will have more than 100 apps in 2 months and downloading them one-by-one will be really hard. It doesn't have to be a script. It would be convenient too if you make a "Portable App Updater and Downloader" program.


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Good idea. JH: I would do

Good idea.

JH: I would do something that lets you pick and choose Open Source apps you do, and then you can offer d/l links to closed-source stuff.


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