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What Should I Do To Make Frontpage 2003 Portable?

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What Should I Do To Make Frontpage 2003 Portable?

Hi! I am interested in making my copy of Frontpage 2003 portable for personal use. So far, I am willing and able to carry out these options...

1. Use Portable Apps Creator (PAC): Will there be any trouble considering that I have lost my Frontpage 2003 CD?

2. Use a launcher made by others like in this thread.
Is there one that I can download?

Please advise. Thanks!

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Welcome darkX3536

Welcome to

Microsoft Frontpage 2003 is not an Open Source Front Page and therefore it cannot be legally ported. If it were a freeware application you could request a launcher. If you look around the site you might find an open source alternative to front page. Maybe check out OpenOffice? I haven't used front page so not familiar with its functions but if you have a look around or simply google frontpage open source alternative your more than likely to find something you can use and legally port.

Again Welcome to and I hope to see you around the forums in the future. Advocate

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Hmm... I am confused by this

Hmm... I am confused by this rule as the person in the thread I have quoted earlier asked for assistance to make his copy of Dreamweaver portable and the other members helped him out...

I have also tried out the suggested freeware alternatives and I am not very comfortable to in using them...

PS: I managed to find my copy of Frontpage 2003 though...

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First, the launcher was made

First, the launcher was made by a community member and is not endorsed by the PortableApps project, and there is no support provided except by the launcher's creator.

If somebody is willing to make one, this might happen but not at the current time. Also, you would break the Microsoft Office EULA by doing this.

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Gentlemen (or so I assume...):

Oz is right when he sez that proprietary software can't be ported legally.

HOWEVER if memory serves, "Launchers" are not just for freeware, but for ANY given software one cares to write them for - esp. if the USER of the launcher happens to OWN the software in question legally.

BUT, launchers for commercialware likely will not be hosted here.

AND, usage of a launcher for a commercial app may well violate the EULA, but that's between the user and the publisher of the commercialware.
Some may vary, but of course no doubt M$ will most always harsh your mellow on that.

REGARDLESS, having a launcher for a commercialware app does not violate the *spirit* of the concept regarding software licenses, even if it may technically violate the *letter* of the law...

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EULAs are copyright licenses, and I'm pretty sure copyright doesn't come into play until you redistribute (hence copyright). If you make your own launcher and keep it to yourself, there's not much the publisher can do about it.

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How I can make a Portable App ?

My english is poor !
Is there have a Graphic Guide?

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