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Run only once from autorun.inf

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Run only once from autorun.inf

I am giving away some flash drives for Christmas and I am putting the Portable Apps suite on them. I would also like to include an HTML static cristmas card that opens only the first time the drive is inserted into the usb drive. From there on out I would like to have the PAM open.

Is there a way to do this?


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many virus programs work this

many virus programs work this way so vaguely the answer would be yes.

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Yes and no

The effect that you're after is easy

Have an autorun.inf that runs a program (a bat file if you can't create it any other way) that first displays the card, and then second overwrites the autorun.inf with a version that will run PAM

However..... most PCs won't autorun it at all, since autorun will be disabled, and many virus scanners will detect it has being highly suspicious that something is trying to edit the autorun.inf file like that.

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One could also write a

One could also write a program that replaces the "StartPortableApps.exe" in the root... it would load the eCard and set a 'flag file' (or .ini or something) so it knows the run-once has happened. If it detects the 'flag file' it skips that part and just runs PAM.

I'd do it if I had time... Beee


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