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Addition to Forum Guidelines

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Addition to Forum Guidelines

I'd like to submit the following to be added to the Forum Guidelines of the Request Apps thread:

To make life easier for us developers, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use the searchbox in the upper-right corner of the screen (or Google) to see if your request has been covered before.
  • Post a direct link to the application in question
  • Tell us where it stores its settings (i.e., Registry? Application Data/Local Settings?). If you don't know how to find this out, download and run FileMon and RegMon. While these are running, launch the program you want to be portable, and find where settings are stored.
  • Be nice and don't use multiple exclamation points!!! Wink Keep in mind that we're all developers working on stuff in our free time, and we're not getting paid for this; you shouldn't be rude.
  • Once your problem has been resolved, please edit your original post and put [RESOLVED] in the post title. This will let us concentrate on stuff that needs to be done.

If the program you're using writes settings to the Windows Registry, try out Registry Rapper. I'm working on Registry Rocker, which will actually generate a custom-built launcher for you after you fill out a few forms.

Good luck!

Ryan McCue
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And also

If you must put multiple excalmation marks, never use a 1 (!!!11) Wink
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