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Downloading anything in PFox results in Error/ Shut Down

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Downloading anything in PFox results in Error/ Shut Down

So here's the thing,
Recently, using PortableFirefox to browse and save anything to my hard drive results in an error, and the program shuts down.

eg: I right click a pic on the web and hit save as and then i say where, then it errors and shuts down. I had to use another browser to d/l the PFox update.

It only started doing this last night, so I upgraded to 1.5.02 and it's still not working. I've tried a couple different computers, but to no avail.

I use a portable Firelite harddrive and my school's computers (laptop recently fried, so all my computing is done in the library). I don't think it's the hard drive's fault. I copied the PortableFirefox folder onto the computer's drive, and it still errored. And I don't want to erase my (40 gigs of) files, to see if it fixes it.

Any help would be appreciated. This isn't a dire problem, but it makes surfing a hell of a lot more annoying. Thanks.

janeoblivian (not verified)
Oh, just found another

Oh, just found another bug.

When I try to select "Privacy" in the options screen, it errors and shuts down as well.


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Corrupt profile or drive

Most likely, your profile is corrupted. Both of the mentioned functions work fine in a base copy. Did you pull your drive before PFF had fully closed or have a computer crash at some point? Rebuilding your profile would be the best option.

Though, it could be an issue with your drive. Try a base copy of PFF from the drive and from your desktop to see if you have the same issues before playing with your profile.

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