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Portable Thunderbird and Profile Switcher

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Portable Thunderbird and Profile Switcher

I've recently moved from (standard) TB to portable TB v2.0.0.18. It's all working fine apart from an issue with ProfileSwitcher (0.3.5). I've read the article:
and the related documents, but I'm still not clear how to set it up cleanly. My active profiles are stored under My Documents, but, in order to get portable TB to work using them, I've had to set up a dummy profile in the TB Program Files ... Data\profile hierarchy. Every time I start up portable TB it enters this dummy profile which has a fake account and does nothing. I then have to go to File -> Launch another Profile which points me to my actual live profiles. Once I've launched my actual profiles from there on everything works fine and I don't have to get back to the dummy profile.

My question is: is there some way I can coax portable TB to go straight into one of my actual live profiles without my having to keep starting up using the dummy profile in the Program Files hierarchy?

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Single Profile

Like most portable apps, Thunderbird Portable is designed to be run from a portable device owned by a single user. As such, it only supports one profile. The Thunderbird profile switcher only supports locally installed profiles.

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