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new born programer

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new born programer

Well I would like to learn programming I really have no idea what to do or ware to start. I know html, css some java/JavaScript and I would like to learn other programming languages. what programming languages are good for Windows and which are good for Linux. What are some good tutorials to look at.

Any help i can get about programming would be greatly appreciated

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I would recommend starting

I would recommend starting off with autohotkey, or NSIS, but probably autohotkey since they have really good documentation on how to use it. Check it out...
Also once you get the hang of it then move to a higher and harder programming language, dont start off hard as you probably will get lost if you do not have basic programming skills, or if you have not actually made programs from a basic program language, so you get the feel of the syntax. Hope this helps a bit, but I dont think there are really any good program languages for windows, mostly just personal preference for what you want to do, But C++ is a really popular one. As for linux I dont know of any.

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Isn't that Linux compatible? if not I need to learn another language?


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actually C is more cross

actually C is more cross platformable than C++ Wink

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