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Fineprint Equivalent ??

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Fineprint Equivalent ??

Firstly I KNOW 'fineprint' [] is NOT open source/freeware etc & it's more of a 'driver' than a software - but does anyone know of something similar that IS Open Source & can be made portable

The one thing I find a pain @ work is the waste of paper when printing stuff out,
whether it's a Word,PDF,Excel or whatever

Yet by using a program like 'Fineprint' to squeeze 2 pages onto 1 or do double sided printing (even if it does mean manually turning the pages over) would be a god-send

The problem is that @ work I am unable to install software on the PC I use - & the IT department won't allow 3rd party software installations without 'going through the proper channels & obtaining the proper business license' etc etc etc (IMHO I think this is just a lot of ********)

By having such a program on a Flashdrive I could load in the DOC/PDF (whatever) & print it out.

No Software installed + No license to worry about = Happy IT department (& me)