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Portable Google Chrome & Chromium MultiLang

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Portable Google Chrome & Chromium MultiLang

Found this from here: [link removed]

Download Portable Google Chrome on RapidShare (7.5 MB) (md5: )
[link removed]

Download Portable Chromium on RapidShare (7.8 MB) (md5: )
[link removed]

Download Plugins on RapidShare (2.5 MB) (md5: )
[link removed]

[links removed by moderator PP, please see Chris Morgan's response]

Chris Morgan
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Sorry, but Google Chrome Portable is illegal - it's closed source, trademarked, etc. software. Also, the site you're getting that from is recognised here as a bad site. They use trademarked images (e.g. the PA.c logo et al) and publish illegal copies of software. Oh, and I believe they even violate the GPL and other similar licenses with their open source software, by not making the source code available at all (but I haven't actually downloaded any of that software, just going on what I've read).

Also, if you search around on this site, you'll find others have already addressed Google Chrome/Chromium.

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