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KMPlayer + 16 Plug-in(Crystality Sound)

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KMPlayer + 16 Plug-in(Crystality Sound)

This is a very good soflware in playing video and audio! No codec! No upgarde! All things is inside it! It can play all of audio extention and 99% video extention!
Kool skin and easy to use with many language!
...its hard to improve my knowledge about it!
Try it yourself!

Here is the harddrive editon, 15,7M with compression and 19M uncompression (16Plug-in); easy to add new skin or Plug-in:
link to questionable software removed by moderator JTH

In adition, here is the USB edition(1,91M)1 file:
link to questionable software removed by moderator JTH

Thanks U for read!

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Not Permitted

KMPlayer is freeware and cannot be modified or repackaged without permission of the authors. In addition, KMPlayer is a known GPL violator and we do not allow promotion of software of that type here.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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