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Using the same configurations in Portable Firefox 2 and 3

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Using the same configurations in Portable Firefox 2 and 3

it so happens, that Mozilla are a bunch of moronic stubborn jackasses when it comes to resizing pictures. I happen to NEED to resize without any anti-aliasing functions, while they insist that blurring images is the only way to go and simply wont even give me any other option.

On to the topic at hand, this forces me to roll back to Firefox2. How do I pass all of my bookmarks and settings back to Portable Firefox2? I tried just copy/pasting all of the folders inside "data" but the bookmarks, security configuration, and saved username/passwords were missing. What to do?

if possible, I would like to simply use the same configuration folder for both FF2 and 3, I know this is impossible for stuff like extensions..and who knows what else, but I would like to do it for anything possible (specially bookmarks and whatnot)

thanks for any help in advance!

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Not Really Supported

All support for Firefox 2 has been dropped by Mozilla and No further support, bug fixes or patches are offered. You may be able to get your bookmarks back by exporting them to a bookmarks.html. I don't think you can get your cookies back to FF2. I would only recommend doing this in offline mode as there will no doubt be a security issue at some point in the near future affecting Firefox 2 that will not be patched.

Incidentally, why would you "need" image resizing in a browser at all?

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