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Two Firefox installs not desired.

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Two Firefox installs not desired.


I tried looking for this in the support area but I didn't find it. Sorry if I missed this somewhere else.

I run Firefox exclusively (I wish) from an SD card. I can port the card easily and use Firefox anywhere, especially when I work as a contractor somewhere.

My problem is that I make Firefox my default browser. When Firefox Portable is up and I click on a link, it just comes up in the active Firefox Portable. However, if I have Firefox Portable down and click on a link, I get a completely different version of Firefox! The extra toolbars are gone and, if I do much with the "other" Firefox, I'm pretty sure I can find Firefox installed in the Program Files directory of my C (Windows) drive. I'm thinking it must be something like a registry entry pointing just to Firefox and not to the specific directory on my portable drive and that there must be enough in temporary files on my PC to allow Firefox to start and do some sort of install using my established Internet connection - maybe something to do with upgrading.

Anyway, I'd like any click on a link to start my Portable Firefox and, if it can't be found, say something like "E:\Program Files\Portable\Portable Firefox\Firefox.exe cannot be found". I can make registry changes but I'm reluctant to change what may be strictly designed registry entries and thereby rending something, or even Windows, destroyed.

Any help will be appreciated.

Doug Ray

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you should not try to do it

this is portable firefox, supposed to work from a stick or so. Making it default browser breaks the portability definitely. Default browser settings must be in registry and appdata folders, such thing can not be portable since the info 'this is the default browser' is stored on the local system, the host PC in this case and this is not the idea of any portable app.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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