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Search help in making VisualMind portable (

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Search help in making VisualMind portable (

I am aware this may be seen as a double post (also posted in Portable App Creator thread) but post it here in order to get help from others that may not be reading the Portable App Creator thread, and because the problem I am having trying to portablize this app may have other reasons than PAC.

I am into "mindmapping" and are very eager to get VisualMind from portable. IF I can make it portable I will buy it.

I have a trial version currently expired, but it still works exerpt the fact it is no longer possible to save the mindmaps. This however is no problem, as it does not stop the program from running, or installing.

I have used Portable App Creator (PAC) as described, and installed to USB drive x:\PortableApps\VisualMindPortable\App
All went well, and PAC created the laucher and all directories as it was supposed to.
When portableapp creation was finished, I then safely removed the portable drive, and then used Revo Uninstaller to unistall any traces of the VisualMind program from my computer. Then I mounted the drive, started newly created Visual Mind Portable from the, and got the following error message:

"User directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Mind Technologies\Visual Mind 10)is missing. Stopping application"

(My actual username is here substituted by [USERNAME]

I then went in to the USB stick, and copied X:\PortableApps\VisualMindPortable\Data\userprofile\Application Data\Mind Technologies\Visual Mind 10\ and it's subfolders into C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\.......and VIOLA,the portablized program then started as normal.

So my question is:
Does anyone know what might have gone wrong with the creation of this portable app, since it does not seem to recognise the user directory is now located in the USB Stick instead of in the hostOS Application Data folder?

Anyone able to, or interested in helping?

I am aware that as a newbie I myself may be the one to blame, I may have done something wrong, or at least forgot something important. But also the explanation COULD be that this is just the behavior of "some apps" that make them troublesom to make portable. Could this program be one of "those". And if so, what can I possibly do to try to fix it?