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OOO 3.0 installation failure

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OOO 3.0 installation failure

First of all I want to thank the people.

Unfortunately I'm having difficulties installing portable OOO 3.0.
The installation of the prerelease failed because of a writing error. I waited for the final release hoping the problem would be fixed, but i still get a writing error, forcing me to cancel further installation.

This is where the installation fails:

"Extract: ofapi.rdb... 62%"

-> popup error window:

"Extract: error writing to file offapi.rdb"

Upon closing the error window the installation halts and only the Cancel button is still active in the installation window.

Tried this several times, even downloaded the setup file OpenOffice.org_Portable_3.0_en-us.paf.exe twice, result remains the same.

Steve Lamerton
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you installing to the default path?

John T. Haller
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I've seen similar issues when the path is too long or when the device is full (in the case of flash drives that fake their size reporting to Windows). Be sure you're installing to X:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable and be sure your drive has enough space left.

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