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Portable Fruity Loops

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Portable Fruity Loops

i use fruity loops all the time, and it would be awsome to have a portable version of Fruity loops 6 producers edition xxl if its out there, or a portable version of any edition i guess. just so that i can use it.

if it isnt out there, then i am also looking for info on how to make apps portable, a program was suggested to me but so far it hasnt worked as expected

let me know,


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Not open source

As far as I can tell this is not open source. I have no idea about portability.

From the EULA:

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing you shall not, nor give anyone permission to (i) rent, lease, modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on the Software, (ii) you may not make access to the Software available to others in connection with a service bureau, application service provider, or similar business, (iii) not alter or modify the Software, (iv) not export nor re-export the Software either directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of IL and without export license required,

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I would think because the

I would think because the program needs to be registered for full use, otherwise it stops working after, what, 30 days? I don't think you could portable-ize it. Not without removing teh registration feature. Which would thus be breaking the law.

I had thought about making Sonic Foundy's, er, Sony's Acid portable, but again, you either have a limited version for free (that you still have to authorize online), or register it (again, needs internet authorization). So, that's out too.

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A little problem

Please, remember that mi english level is very low. (I'm from Argentina).

I use sound tools for any works. Do you know Audacity? It's free and little (only 2.5Mb), and I think that you can find help if you contact with the Audacity Team Group (I don't know if it's real name of the group).

Visit: and good look !!!

You can download the program and other tools for it's at:

Here you can get plug-ins, manuals, tutorials, MP3 encoder, VST Enabler and more !


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Is portable

Go to Portasoft ( and look for Portable Audacity. It's in there...

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