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running firefox from a shared documents directory in the pc

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running firefox from a shared documents directory in the pc

Not sure why this would be happening, but I put the FFP in the Shared documents folder along with WallpaperSwitcher and when I run FFP logged in as the Limited user, it gives me a popup first that it can't do read/write functions, and then it runs. Logged as Admin it is fine.

When I was first using FFP 3.1BETA2, it wouldn't go to the home page. I had to manually click the homepage. I reinstalled with FFP 3.01b and I get the same message, but then when I click okay it loads up the homepage.

Running on a WinXPsp3 on a dell, if it matters.

(WallpaperSwitcher works fine from the Shared folders, if that matters as well)

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Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable Edition requires read/write permissions to it's own folder. Under a limited account, those permissions are not given to any app ran by a nonadmin. Normally this is fine, seeing how limited users can write to their own directory of a flash/external media. But using it from a share folder removes write permissions and results in failure. Best option? Just put it in "Program Files" if you really want it on the computer and not on a flash drive. I'll stick to my flash drive.

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